Repairs & Maintenance

Taking care of a vessel is equally pleasing as sailing on it. At open seas a vessel has to operate as an autonomous entity, often under harsh conditions. A key factor for the longevity and proper operation of a vessel is the correct and scheduled maintenance, regardless of the construction material.

The maintenance and repair of wooden vessels needs expertise and passion. It depends on the type of wood, method of construction, manufacturing quality, age and the purpose of use. Another critical factor is the internals accessibility and the regular inspection of sensitive elements and areas.

Each vessel has its own personality and specific character. When a vessel arrives at the shipyard, we inspect the hull, machinery, accommodation areas, equipment and outfitting. We record our observations and we listen to the needs of our clients. A list of all necessary maintenance, repairs, and if necessary alteration works is created. Each work is prioritized by the level of importance and scope so as a feasible long or short term planning of works and cost analysis to be detailed.

Wood is our main filed, however, we work with selected chartered engineers and technicians of all specialties, to design, construct and supervise any requested work for the vessel.

Upon delivery of the vessel we provide guidelines and consultation for proper maintenance until next docking. We constantly remain available to our clients for any information or assistance requested.