1912 -1970

The family tradition started by grandfather Thodoris Tsikis, a Symian shipwright from a family of seafarers and sea sponge collectors. Mastro Thodoris worked since 1912 at Piraeus Agios Dionysios shipyards for wooden crafts and then at Perama, building small fishing boats. His son Manolis followed the craftsmanship since childhood. Manolis talent and abilities were esteemed by his uncle, shipbuilder Giorgos Psaros, with whom he worked as a foreman/and skilled technician at a young age.


In the year 1971 Mastro Manolis founds his shipyard, aimed to construction, repair, and maintenance of wooden traditional or modern vessels and rebuilding/restoring of classic boats. The yard is thenceforth synonymous with taking especially difficult projects or sub-contracts of larger projects requiring high quality and precision. Successful completion of such projects was based on the personal supervision, development of new techniques and the constant deepening in wooden shipbuilding craftsmanship.


Due to the decline of wooden vessels market and the destruction of traditional fishing boats, a large part of the yard was diverted to building steel yachts and commercial vessels. During this time grandson Thodoris was studying Shipbuilding, enriching the principles of art taught by his father, working with an excellent craftsman Dimitri Deventeris. Then at the modernized shipyard of Manolis Psaros Thodoris was involved in a large number of important projects of shipbuilding and repair.

2010 έως Σήμερα

With the ever increasing demand and the shift of interest to classic wooden boats, the yard retrieves the previous specialized form of the founder. The family business continues and evolves dynamically by Thodoris Tsikis, Naval Architect & Marine Engineer NTUA. Thodoris continues the centenary tradition of three generations of craftsmen by utilizing the combination of accumulated knowledge of old and modern tools and methods.

Note: The title “Mastro” is the one attributed, in Italy and Greece, to a specialized craftsman. Even though a College/University degree have not been acquired, one has achieved a high level of expertise through numerous years of hard work and experience, therefore, is respected by all parties involved in his filed.