Renovation & Restoration of Classical and Traditional Vessels

The reconstruction or renovation of an existing vessel is a task of extreme importance since an old hull carries the history and tradition of decades or centuries. A classic or traditional vessel reflects the personality of those who built it, sailed and maintained it. Each one carries the scars of the places and seas sailed.

Therefore, in a lot of projects it is essential to maintain or restore the authentic design always within the context of seaworthiness, good functionality and safety management. Interventions of any extent are carried out in a documented method with regard to avoiding alterations in form, character and technical characteristics.

If you have or intend to acquire a classic or traditional vessel for reconstruction, the first step is to assess the condition, required works, induced costs and time of completion. Our experience in this field will be very useful. In our website section, proposals indicative proposed reconstruction projects are presented, where we can accommodate your proposal.